Technical Rider

Technical Rider

First of all, thank you for your interest in booking DJ SERVENTI. Below is a list of my technical requirements. This is not meant to cause any inconvenience on your behalf, it was designed for optimal effectiveness the day of the show. If there are any questions or if you have trouble providing any of the below mentioned, please get in touch before the day of the show and we will work out a solution.

Sound, Lighting, & Special Effects:

I prefer an overall natural sound with minimal processing and effects as I will modify effects during performance. Lightning will depend on whether there will be a lighting engineer providing lighting, or if I am contracted to provide lighting. Details of either can be discussed during the sound check. Fog, cryojets, and confetti are all acceptable. I assume that there is a well-sized PA system with ample low end provided for the concert room with sufficient power to supply a clean and undistorted sound and a powerful feedback proof monitor system. It is very important that I have my own monitor and subwoofer with a separate mix. For larger venues, 2 side fills are needed.


I need a qualified sound engineer, stage technician and light technician available. I will depend heavily on the staff on-site to support my sound, therefore the expertise of the engineers will be relied on heavily.

Equipment & Sound check:

I use the following equipment exclusively:

 Pioneer CDJ2000NXS (x2 minimum, x3 optimal)

 Pioneer DJM 900 NXS (mixer)

 1 Shure wireless digital Mic (or compatible)

 1 Roland HPD10 Hand sonic drum with stand (or HPD20)

All other equipment will be provided by me. I will need a 30 minute sound & light check.

A lockable place to keep valuables at the venue is needed, no exceptions.



Please provide detailed directions in English two weeks before the day of the show with the complete address of the venue, along with a telephone and email contact. Please provide arrival, sound check, and on-stage times. The promoter, or representative person should be at the venue at arrival time to meet me and do a walkthrough with me.

Food & Drinks:

• Please provide a hot healthy meal (NO fast food) or $100.00 per person daily buy-out.

• Snacks: granola bars, fruit, cheese & crackers, veggies, roasted almonds.

• Minimum 8 bottles of cooled non-carbonated water for stage and backstage.

Back Stage:

Clean dressing room with toilet, sink, showers and mirror.


1 (non-smoking) hotel room or clean and quiet (non- smoking) accommodation for 2 people with beds, bathrooms and shower. A safe parking space near the accommodation should be available.


A table with 2 chairs in a lit area for our merchandise. Preferably in the same room



A guest list for up to 10 guests.


Advertising and Promotion:

Please contact: Stacy James at Naima Entertainment 702-332- 1501 or email: Or visit for more information.
Thank you for placing your trust in me. I look forward to exceeding your expectations and creating a memorable experience for you and

your guests.

DJ Serventi